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Davinci Team and Wotan Server Hack

After seeing all these hackers make programs like far and be able to hack the hell out of the phone, i think someone should hack the davinci team and wotan server programs to make them usable without username and password. As far as these hackers have gotten (not dt and ws) i think they can create their own flashers. Since you have to have the breakloader flashed on your main firmware, can't you reflash that last so you don't have to do the brute force on your phone because then you would be able to put the files you need to on it, then just reflash the main firmware with the original ones. I might be making no sense at all but someones needs to make an easier program to use, like xs++ and far all in one with frienly user interface or hack the davinci team and wotan server programs. (and have them for free )
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